“BlackRock Inc. expects to boost the number of its employees working in Atlanta to 1,000 people by 2024, according to people familiar with the situation. It has roughly 15 there now.

The firm expects to receive roughly $25 million in public tax breaks as part of that Southern expansion, according to one of the people. But the final incentive package is still under negotiation with the city, the people familiar with the situation said.”

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“Directly south of Grant Park’s main green space, Atlanta Beltline officials are moving forward with decade-old plans to forge a large, multifunctional park from blighted land.

The Beltline is seeking statements of qualifications from firms to design the second phase of Boulevard Crossing Park, a five-acre Chosewood Park green space with athletic fields that opened in 2011 along the southern stretches of Boulevard, officials said Thursday.

The next phase will boost the park to 23 acres and implement trails, a playground, public art, expanded fields, and the city’s fifth splash pad, joining others from Piedmont Park to nearby D.H. Stanton Park.”


“Summertime in Atlanta means glorious weather is here (provided that you can take the heat), festivals are popping like crepe myrtle blooms, and sunscreen is a necessity.

Average high temps in June, July, and August hover around the high 80s, so it’s the perfect climate for working on your tan and exploring the bounty of outdoor offerings metro Atlanta has to offer. Or for finding something cooler to do inside.

Mapped [in the link] below, find our recommendations for wonderful things to do this summer—both indoors and out—all across Atlanta.”

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When Ethan Orley bought the formerly decadent Hotel Clermont in 2012, the Atlanta landmark was in disarray, a mess of rusted plumbing, busted kitchenettes, heavy terra cotta walls, and dingy road-motel carpeting. So famous was the lodge’s nefarious past, Orley was surprised to not find it riddled with hypodermic needles.

“You’d have probably wanted to put a Hazmat suit on in here,” jokes Orley, a principal with developer Oliver Hospitality, seated in a floral-wallpapered corner of the cozy, boutique property.


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City officials are touting the collaboration on a planned hotel by Midtown’s Fox Theatre as an example of “better architecture in Atlanta.”

Top Atlanta developer Noble Investment Group is planning the dual-branded Marriott hotel on an existing surface parking lot at Peachtree Street and Ponce de Leon Avenue. The other three corners at the intersection house historic buildings: the Fox, Georgian Terrace hotel and the Ponce Condominium.

Read more at: https://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/news/2018/06/12/city-officials-hotel-project-by-midtown-s-fox.html

Director Raphael Sbarge, also known as an actor from films such as Risky Business, is chronicling the rich history, present plans, and projected future of the 27-acre complex that’s recently been used as the worn-down, gritty setting for action movies.

The property is slated for a $200 million redevelopment led by Pullman Yard owner Adam Rosenfelt, head of development and film production group Atomic Entertainment, as well as his wife and partner Maureen Meulen. He’s been a producer for films such as “Mr. Brooks” and “Waiting…”

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