Our experience delivers results

Business is about relationships – especially for homebuilders and developers who require a cohesive team working seamlessly together to complete quality development projects on time and under budget.  It is an integral part of that success in real estate sales and the sales management of those projects. Allen Snow Associates has the expertise to help you thrive through the daunting and complex process of development projects.


Overview, Developer Services provided:

· Land acquisition – present opportunities to clients on a regular basis.  Those opportunities are a result of the relationships and networking with the real estate community that have been developed over the years.

· Architecture, floor plan, and finish review & recommendations – extensive and real time knowledge of the market and market needs put to work during due diligence by providing consulting services including review of architecture, floor plans and finish selections.

· Pro-forma analysis – assistance with pro-forma critique and review to ensure a project is not being over built or not meeting the needs of the market.

· Marketing plan development & management – develop and implement a custom marketing plan targeted to the specifics needs of each project.  The marketing plan utilizes Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty internationally recognized branding and taps into their network of partnerships to maximize exposure to the market.

· Sales team management – each project and its market is different, so ASA works closely with our clients to select from a group of highly qualified sales agents to create a team best suited to meet those demands.

· Sales reporting – provides clients with real time sales and traffic activity through a combination of electronic reporting and scheduled sales meetings.  Reports include a detailed summary of contract and inventory status, sales traffic, prospect feedback, and an invaluable analysis of site data, such as inventory and velocity of sales tracking.

· Pre-selling – ability to pre-sell projects through its strategic marketing approach, providing insight into the tools required for pre-selling success and once equipped with those tools, ASA has the unparalleled ability to achieve the client’s goals. This is one of ASA’s strongest assets.

· Point-of-sale to Contract – our sales team’s experience in qualifying leads and understanding the critical path from point-of-sale to contract is invaluable. The process includes, but is not limited to: qualification of prospects, intimate knowledge of each project and its competition, understanding the selling process, bringing the prospect to contract and keen negotiation skills.

· Buyer management during construction – Shielding our clients from the day-to-day needs and concerns of buyers throughout the construction process can be challenging. Therefore, our goal is to leverage the invaluable service of keeping buyers informed to stay a step ahead of potential issues.

· Contract to close – The last memory of the new construction home buying process is the last few weeks before and including closing.  ASA’s hands-on approach keeps both the developer and buyer informed and up to date to avoid last minute delays.  Our approach is to help the developer provide a smooth and rewarding experience for each home buyer.

Allen Snow Associate’s reputable experience, fostered relationships and enthusiasm to serve their clients allow the skilled application of these services to now be second nature. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or feel free to schedule a consultative appointment.